S.I.ME. is a family business, founded in 1950, operating in precision mechanics field. In the first twenty years the company focuses on the production of parts for the defense sector. Later the company entered the commission from the arsenals, the motorcycle and energy field.


First steps

In the 70s, after the first generational change, the company experienced significant growth thanks to the printing press market. The Nebiolo company entrusts S.I.ME. with the complete construction of some models. The development of this market ends at the end of the 80s.


Aerospace and Defense

In the 80s, S.I.ME. became part of the Aerospace and Defense field, becoming a supplier to many leading Italian companies, including Nardi, Magnaghi, Siae Marchetti, Breda Meccanica Bresciana and Agusta. At the end of the 90s, S.I.ME.'s sales volume comes 99% from the Aerospace field.



In 2006 the new generational change took place. S.I.ME. remains active in the A&D market, acquiring the EN 9100 certification and NADCAP certifications for NDT and HT. Since 2013, S.I.ME. has started exporting its products all over the world. A new plant was inaugurated in 2015, expanding CNC and special process capability and adding a brand new assembly department and an MRO line.



S.I.ME.'s corporate strategy is to continue on the current path, keeping the lean culture as a corporate leitmotiv; collaboration with our customers all over the world stimulate us to innovate production and manufacturing organization. S.I.ME. is able to guarantee a complete product thanks to the support of its qualified and competent supply chain, also supported by the partnership with Torino Piemonte Aerospace Project.

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